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Good Bye Bastards!

Aurelien LOMBARD
3, route de St Jean

Two years after its previous record, DREAGGAN is back with its new CD : Good Bye Bastards. This time, DREAGGAN's heavy metal is slower in order to become heavier. But the most important : the rage and the aggressiveness of the band are still here to make a direct, efficient and monolithic metal.

Formation :
Babar : vocals/bass
Pétère : guitars
L'Beinj : drums
Zaza : sound ingineer, guitars

History :
DREAGGAN was creates in 1998. By the time, the band was a power trio made up of Thomas (guitars), Julien (drums) and Aurelien (vocals and bass guitar). In early 1999, the band release is first EP : Back To Metal. Thanks to its direct and efficient songs, this record received a nice feedback from the French underground scene. Then, DREAGGAN took part of the finals of the EUROCKENNES festival (the most famous rock festival in France). After one year giving concerts, DREAGGAN came back in 2001 with Still Fighting. This EP was faster and more violent than the previous one. So the band seized the opportunity to give numerous concerts including a headlining in Brussels Belgium. At this time, Aurelien decided to abandon bass guitar in order to devote himself to vocals. So Nicolas entered the band and DREAGGAN started to work on Good Bye Bastards.

Influential :
80's heavy metal and 90's thrash metal mainly influence DREAGGAN's members. So the bands which mainly influenced DREAGGAN are IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, MANOWAR and RAGE.

Good Bye Bastards, the CD :
Good Bye Bastards is made of 6 songs going from aggressive Hard Rock to modern Heavy Metal. These raging songs deal with alcoholism, poverty, work addiction and Heavy Metal of course.
The songs of Good Bye Bastards are slower and heavier than the tracks from previous DREAGGAN's CDs. This means that new songs are more powerful and efficacious than the old ones. However, the things that made the success of Back To Metal are still here : heavy riffs powerful voice and Rock n' Roll attitude !

Discography :
Back To Metal (7 tracks CD, 1999)
Still Fighting (6 tracks CD, 2001)
Good Bye Bastards (6 tracks CD, 2004)
listen to some materials (free MP3)

Chronicles :
"I like the way this guys have taken elements from eighties metal, added modern sound and influences and turn all that into their own particular and original sound. (…)This is pure metal with an eye in the past and taking the music to the future." (, Webzine, Argentina, 2003)
"Nothing could stop DREAGGAN on its way to success" (Hard N' Heavy Magazine, France, 2002)
"DREAGGAN canalize all the fury of those glorious years in order to give it an actual flavor." (Hard N' Heavy Magazine, France, 2000)
"DREAGGAN's songs are built for the stage. They will kick some fucking ass". (Hard Rock Magazine, France, 2000)

How to order Good Bye Bastards ?
From European Community : send 12 euros cash to DREAGGAN's address.
From the rest of the world : send 13 dollars cash to DREAGGAN's address